Erin Brockovich

This resulted in an evacuation order of more than 150 homes in the Bayou Corne area. It is believed that the sinkhole was caused by a failed cavern wall under the Napoleonville Salt Dome owned by the Company, Texas Brine.

The collapse has created additional effects and concerns, which includes the release of underground natural gas, methane and crude oil. Whilst Texas Brine are currently flaring off the escaped methane gas via relief walls, officials are still calling for more methane testing to be done. There is also fear of a gas explosion occurring as a result of these leaking gases and also a growing concern of possible ill effects that these gases could potentially produce in the community.

As officials continue to work on the sinkhole, evacuees are still unable to return home.

Erin and her team are presently working with the people of Louisiana. Read more here