Erin Brockovich

Community Healthbook

The People’s Reporting Registry is now the Community Health Book. Visit it here

For the past decade I have received hundreds of thousands of emails from people around the United States and the globe reporting problems that they are experiencing in their communities. Many of these inquiries are about environmental concerns. I believe that it is the voice of the people who live in these towns dotted across the country, who on a daily basis are experiencing the harmful effects of water, air and soil pollution. It is critical that we listen to their plight and identify what might be causing them harm and learn from what they are experiencing. After all, who better than they to know what is happening to them than they themselves? We don’t live in their shoes nor experience what effects a contamination might be doing to them, their families or their health. It has been this past year that I noticed many of the emails coming to me were of concerns from neighborhoods that were reporting what they see as too much disease and cancers amongst them. Reports like 14 children on one street with cancer; Reports of 20 or more children in one neighborhood with brain tumors; Reports of people being stitched together through Facebook to only discover that tens upon tens of them from the same high school have cancer. This is when I decided it was just too many reports from the people and possibly wasn’t a coincidence that I created a map to help better understand what might really be going on out there.

I was shocked when the map was completed that so many people were reporting such issues across the United States and beyond. From the State of Kansas all the way to the East Coast, I can barely tell that I am looking at a map of the United States. This map is called the “People’s Reporting Registry” and it is designed for us to just look at what the people are saying and to learn from what they are experiencing and seeing so that we can begin to find some progressive solution to these problems and the environmental contamination that we all must face.

If we don’t see this how can we possibly begin to find solutions? If you are experiencing what appears to be a known or suspected contamination in your neighborhood and in your (the peoples) observation of what appears to be excess illness, you can report it here. Your voice is how we can see the problem and begin to seek out solutions that can assist and bring together companies in your community with YOU the community and begin the process of identifying what could be on overlooked cluster and to begin a cleanup process and address the health concerns of communities.

It is time that companies and people co-exist together without lost business and without lost lives.


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