Erin Brockovich

Change is Opportunity
in Disguise.

Erin Brockovich is a renowned Consumer Advocate and Environmental Activist who rights wrongs every day on multiple fronts. If you or someone you love have suffered because of an environmental contaminant, medical device, or a pharmaceutical, or because of something or someone else, get Erin on your side.

Change is Opportunity in Disguise.

Erin Brockovich is a renowned Consumer Advocate and Environmental Activist who rights wrongs every day on multiple fronts. If you or someone you love have suffered because of an environmental contaminant, medical device, or a pharmaceutical, or because of something or someone else, get Erin on your side.

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An inspirational look at the threats to our water that shows how we can each make changes before it is too late.

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Make a difference in your own backyard with Erin's platform that helps you and your community fight wrong.

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Erin Brockovich new book Superman's Not Coming

Erin's New Book

In Erin Brockovich’s long-awaited book — her first to reckon with conditions on our planet — she makes clear why we are in the trouble we’re in and warns us that if we’re waiting for someone to save us, Superman isn’t coming. Nor is the government or the environmental agencies. No one is going to solve this for us. It is up to us, we the people, and Brockovich shows us how.

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Erin Brockovich talking at a townhall
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Erin in the everglades

Community Healthbook

Community Healthbook is a groundbreaking website created by Erin Brockovich to enable individuals to post and share important information about issues in their community. Find local hotspots for environmental issues, pharmaceutical drugs gone wrong, infrastructure failures, and medical device failures that affect you, your loved ones,  as well as  neighbors and friends.

Read about the national water crisis, toxic chemicals, and other backyard problems in Erin's newsletter, The Brockovich Report

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Erin on Huffington Post Live

Erin joined Huffington Post LIVE to discuss women’s health issues and her ongoing campaign, standing beside thousands of women who have been adversely impacted by

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Erin Brockovich
3 days ago

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Comment on Facebook

Great photo! But, how did you get there? I don’t see any footprints…

As an avid skier, this makes me jump for joy! ⛷️ Nature! The great outdoors!

Beautiful post Erin Brokovich... you're my hero. Thanks for all you do..I have children inheriting this planet which is just getting too polluted.. thanks for looking out for them! I'm old..I won't be around more than another 25 years or so max

Holy cow..I think I can finally see some clean water from up here! Outstanding view!

Oh, look! A place humans haven’t screwed up…yet. Gorgeous!

Where are you?? Such a phenomenally beautiful view! 🙌💗☺️ Cascades?

Where are you at? That's gorgeous.

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Gods country. Absolutely Beautiful. Thank you Erin for this amazing view of the snowy mountains.❤

Are you On A mountain 🤔 Or in an airplane?

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Absolutely Beautiful there are truly no words. Thank you for this beautiful picture Erin you are really a remarkable woman on a mission🙏🏼 thank you

Everyone is wondering where this is……….

Oh! What a beautiful morning! Oh! What a wonderful day. I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything coming my way!

Amazing photo! Where is this?

Absolutely breathtaking! What a glorious feeling!

Absolutely beautiful thank you for all you do for all of us please take care be careful your a true gift to us

Hope you are having a wonderful vacation and having a blast!! So deserving! 🤗

Stunning and Uplifting!

An absolutely beautiful sight!

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Beautiful world! Thank you, Erin, for protecting it !

Absolutely beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Absolutely beautiful!!!

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2 weeks ago

Stupid is as stupid does...

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Comment on Facebook

Well when he’s dehydrated- I guess he doesn’t care whether he’s handed water or fuel to drink, then. At least that is what he’s saying if he doesn’t choose one over the other.

I can't comment, FB will put me in Fb jail!

I guess he's ok with them mixed together? Oh, wait - I bet he absolutely does NOT want drinking water in his fuel. But we're supposed to be ok with fuel in our drinking water.

Stupid is as stupid does. Kind of embarrassing to prove it to the whole world though!

Water is fuel for life. Without it there is no life. None.

No kidding. Stupid is as Navy does. Camp LeJeune. Lies. Hiding fuel IN THE WATER. 68 years with no justice.

I believe I could live longer without fuel than without water!

Sailing the seas of gasoline, a navy with out a sea.

How did he make it in the Navy? Good grief.

It’s almost like nobody has ever thought about formations that naturally leak crude right into freshwater on their own and have been forever before we began producing those formations and cleaning it up. It’s almost like nobody wants to realize the population of the planet before fuel oils were produced and implemented. The sheer increase in the population due to the fact that we now had more power producing options to deliver electricity to support more life. You can deny these self evident truths all you want. You can wish these facts away all that you want. Label them with certain disasters that were in fact avoidable and ignored in leu of money. It doesn’t change the fact that there is nowhere near enough green energy to fully sustain the numbers of people living. Is water important? No doubt? Is green energy important? No doubt. Do we have enough green energy to fully support this planet and it’s population currently? I seriously doubt it. Keep pushing it. Until we can figure out reasonable power storing battery systems for both solar and wind efforts, batteries that won’t bring forth even larger environmental consequences upon failure, then we are stuck with doing our best. You want to make the call to shut it all down and deal with the fact of the loss of life. That’s on you. I’ll play no part in that false narrative. We must get smarter no doubt. We’re not going to get there being selective and dismissive idiots.

Well, he's a war guy. Only qualified to have water desalinated. His fuel is general issue, he hasn't a choice.

Erin Brockovich Chem Trails come from the United States Air Force. So, why would this surprise anyone?

USA is an oil company with an army.

Standard Oil has a position waiting for him in the "private sector", is my guess.

You could have both if fuel was handled responsibly but it never has been. It has always been driven by profit

I can exist without fuel, however, I must have water or die.

Water could be fuel…hydrogen power!

We are having a major problem here in. Hawaii with the navy and fuel leaking into the water 😬

One has no clue from this what the topic under discussion was or what this comment was in response to. Without the whole context almost any comment can be made to sound entirely "stupid". True, water is essential for life---clean water. Can you imagine running a whole country in this day and age with no fuel? I seriously doubt that this man (or anyone else) would mean to imply that water and fuel are equally important so you could do without one as easily as the other. Of course, water is essential to life. Fuel may be essential to preserve life in some parts of the world. Can you imagine trying to survive in places like Siberia without some sort of fuel for warmth? Or how about in Alaska where temperatures drop to 60 below zero?? In those places you are just as dead without one as without the other. This may have been what the Navy man was "saying".

I continue to fail to find one example where fuel cannot be replaced safely, efficiently, and for the masses, by the more eco-friendly option of electricity.

I wonder how long he can survive without water, drinking only fuel.

Umm.. choose water on a single source aquifer island.

There are times? What the hell does that even mean?

As Marie Antoinette said when the people of Paris had no bread - “well feed them cake” ….. and then they chopped her head off!

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