Erin Brockovich

West Virginia American Water Company recently announced that the levels throughout the distribution system have dropped to below 10 parts per billion and that they were now able to test down to 2 part per billion in an effort to “deal help address odor issues”. Further, West Virginia American Water Company President, Jeff McIntyre, reported the levels in the treatment plant have dropped to 2 parts per billion.

Sadly, this new information validates our earlier concerns that this chemical sticks to the plumbing and fixtures in our water systems. If they are still finding it at the treatment plant…then the residue has not been completely flushed out with the hundreds of millions of gallons flushed through it, and the higher levels in the distribution system indicates they have still not identified the sources in the tanks and reservoirs and properly flushed them yet either.

Why this concerns us is… with the millions of gallons of water it has taken to clean out these chemicals from the main water system, how many gallons of water will it take to remove them from your water heaters and other appliance reservoirs?

Please continue to be vigilant … if the water is clear and odor free it is safer to use for cleaning purposes. Myself, I would continue to wait for the system to be confirmed chemically free and then thoroughly flush and drain the water system before using it for drinking or cooking.

If you have retained an attorney, our legal team is working with local West Virginia counsel to insure the best legal strategy is deployed and we don’t get caught up in the wasteful time delay tactic of bankruptcy court. (If you wish to find out more about the legal action, go here)

My team continues to diligently investigate the complete failure at all levels. Justice will prevail… but will take time. We are as much about prevention at this time as we are about seeking punishment for these criminal acts.

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