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A power morcellator is device typically used during a hysterectomy or related procedure to remove uterine fibroids. Power morcellators were approved by the FDA in 1995 through a special process that permitted the skipping of clinical trials and safety studies.

Power morcellators are manufactured by more than a dozen companies. Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon division, stopped selling its power morcellators after the FDA sent out a warning to doctors and patients in 2014 about the dangers of the surgical instrument.

A power morcellator has spinning blades that cut tissues into tiny bits so they can be easily suctioned away.

However, the blades can also chop up cancer that is hidden from the surgeon’s eyes. These cut up cancer cells are then able to freely spread everywhere inside the abdomen, spreading the cancer.

The most serious potential consequence of this is death. Even the spread of benign tissues can occur, triggering pain and infections, or damage to the liver, kidneys or bowels.

Many women now planning to undergo either a hysterectomy or have uterine fibroids removed are taking the FDA’s advice to think very carefully about allowing use of a power morcellator during the procedure.

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