Erin Brockovich

Since Erin became a household name ten years ago, she has received thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of emails, from individuals around the globe and particularly in the US, sharing their stories of cancer and crying out for help and acknowledgement. Over time, Erin began to see patterns emerging and to make connections between specific disease groups, geographic locations and industrial waste. As a visual person and out of interest, Erin started to plot this data on a map. She called her map The People’s Reporting Registry Map. To read more about the People’s Reporting Registry Map click here . While the Map is not one of the final winners of the Katerva Awards, you can get on board and vote for it as part of the People’s Choice Awards.

All Katerva Award Finalists are eligible for the People’s Choice Award. Katerva will hold an online vote on the Katerva website from 14 – 29 January. Please vote! Help us make an impact! Award winners will be announced on 30 January including the ten Category Winners, the Grand Prize Katerva Award winner, and the winner of the People’s Choice Award. All will be up on the website on 30 January 2013.Click hereto see what other Katerva finalists are doing to create a worldwide platform for change.