Erin Brockovich

As I continue to investigate what remedies there could be I wanted to share with everyone that we can clearly see that you are not alone. When we are able to open up and discuss what has happened to us we can become empowered to take control over our situation and can speak out to change something.

We become more educated about the failures of the Essure procedure, we become more aware, we connect with others who have been harmed AND with the help of all women who are sharing their stories it could help the next woman to stop and think before she decides to have a procedure like this.

I think it would be powerful if those who have come to this site and have shared their stories sign a petition to further send a message that we need to stop and or remove this product from the market altogether. Your stories are powerful and whilewe may not know what the future holds we can certainly use our voices and our John Hancock to maybe STOP a bad situation before it affects many more women.

I send my thoughts and prayers to those who have been harmed and I WILL continue to look into the problem to see what can be done.