Erin Brockovich

Wow, time sure goes by fast and not just for me but for all of us. It seems like only yesterday I was a kid growing up in Kansas and dreaming of the day I would have children of my own.

Well, not only did I see that day but it has come and gone yet I never stopped to ponder the day when I would be a grandmother and that day is here!

My youngest is expecting her first child in February, my first grandbaby, so we are on baby watch and anxiously awaiting for Grace’s arrival. With all the excitement it just recently hit me how fast time really does go by and how important it is that what we do today (our generation) and what our children do with their generation and how it will impact the next generation (our grandbabies).

It really is important to look at and readdress our priorities and remember how precious a new life is, how precious the life of those who have gone before us and how precious the environment in which we all must live and thrive is taken care of.

As I welcome Baby Grace I hope we all remember just how fast life goes by and that we wake up each day and embrace it with a positive outlook and remember the preciousness of a life, the value of family and take responsibility and care for the environment so that all the next generations to come can have the best of life! Will let everyone know when that baby has arrived!