Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich has long been associated as a voice for women’s issues.

Erin has stood beside thousands of women adversely impacted by Essure and Mirena IUD’s and now is becoming increasingly concerned by the horrendous stories she has been told by women who are suffering because of vaginal mesh implants.

Erin this week talked with the UK’s Daily Record of her recent trip to Australia where the stories of so many women who have suffered everything from organ perforation to nerve damage mirrors the experiences of hundreds of women who have contacted her about the issue.

“What they were telling me was gut-wrenching, I was squirming.

“They are being left disabled, their marriages are breaking up, they can’t work, their family life is suffering, they are in agony – and still they are being dismissed by doctors.

“I would like to stand shoulder to shoulder with these women.

“What they are doing is incredibly brave. They are telling their stories to warn other women.”

If you have been adversely impacted by Vaginal Mesh, Erin may be able to help