Erin Brockovich

We have a lot in common and that is a com­mit­ment to improving our envi­ron­ment and a com­mit­ment to your edu­ca­tion. We help create aware­ness for others in communities so that everyone can live in a peaceful, clean and safe environment,” Erin said.

Kayla Mottola, the event’s orga­nizer said that Brock­ovich was “a fear­less woman who has ded­i­cated her life to chal­lenging” the status quo.

Erin, reflecting upon her work exposing the envi­ron­mental and public health crisis affecting the town of Hinckley, Calif where hundreds of people were diag­nosed with cancer as a result of ground­water con­t­a­m­i­na­tion stem­ming from a local energy plant, urged students to never give up.

“You have to develop the habit of per­se­vering even when you don’t want to and it would be easier to give up,” she said. “That’s one thing they never did in Hinckley, Cal­i­fornia: They never gave up.”

Special thanks to Carol Rosskam for the feedback.

Thanks to HEAT for organizing Erin’s talk. She was truly inspirational and thought provoking. On such a stormy night, it was great to see those who were there…Thanks to Erin for joining us last night!