Erin Brockovich

Erin has praised the city of Carson for taking accountability over contamination in a sprawling housing tract, which is ratcheting up pressure on Shell Oil to cleanse the neighborhood of the toxic chemicals found in the soil around homes.

“This is the first time that I have seen a mayor and City Council members come forward and support the community to say ‘enough is enough,’ ” said Brockovich, who has supported similar environmental lawsuits since she helped the firm Girardi and Keese win a settlement against PG&E in the community of Hinkley over groundwater contamination. That legal battle was dramatized in the 2000 feature film “Erin Brockovich.” Girardi and Keese is now suing Shell on behalf of residents and the city of Carson.

“It was incredible to see the city take accountability,” Brockovich said after the council approved the emergency resolution. “It took a long time, but residents never gave up and now they have joined forces with the city.”

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Image by Molly Peterson/KPCC