California Methane Gas Leak is Worst United States Environmental Disaster Since BP Oil Spill

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Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.47.13 PMThe following broadcast clips feature interviews with Erin Brockovich:


  • Slightly different versions of the LA Daily News editorial from 12/22 mentioning how Erin Brockovich has likened the leak to the BP oil spill appeared in the Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News. The San Jose Mercury News editorial was also included in an Associated Press roundup of editorials from California.
  • Business Insider: “At this very moment, a natural gas well in a quiet, hilly town in northern Los Angeles is spewing hundreds of millions of pounds of methane into the atmosphere. … Residents claim the gas, which has drifted into surrounding neighborhoods, is sickening them with nausea, nosebleeds, and headaches. Thousands of people are displaced as a result. Environmental activist Erin Brockovich has gone so far as to deem this one of the worst environmental disasters since the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.” (Business Insider, 12/30/15)
  • reports the natural gas leak above Los Angeles has emitted more than 150 million pounds of methane. The fumes have caused headaches and nosebleeds. Renowned consumer advocate and legal researcher Erin Brockovich, who helped win the biggest class action lawsuit in American history, said the methane gas leak is the worst U.S. environmental disaster since the BP oil spill. She is now working to seek justice for victims of the Porter Ranch gas leak. Brockovich spoke of a video released online. ‘The scope of it is enormous,’ she said. ‘And there is another videotape there that really helps us see pollution, because I think we can’t see it, so therefore we don’t always think that it’s real.’” (Examiner, 12/30/15)
    • Examiner: “‘And it’s amazing,’ Brockovich continued. ‘It looks like a volcano that’s just erupting, that won’t stop.’ Brockovich said if you fly over and have the right lense you can see that it’s ‘like a black plume of smoke through there that just continues to billow out. And the magnitude is enormous,’ she said. She added, ‘And it’s frightening for us to have a company like this, where you can’t get down there, and you’ve removed a valve, you didn’t replace that valve, and you now don’t have the ability to stop this for half a year or longer—is a bad scenario.’ Visit for a complete transcript of the interview.” (Examiner, 12/30/15)
  • Newser: “Erin Brockovich is calling it the worst environmental catastrophe since the 2010 BP oil spill: Methane has been leaking from a well in Los Angeles for at least two months and will continue to do so for at least two more. … The director of the [Environmental Defense Fund’s] California oil and gas program adds that the Porter Ranch site is part of an aging network of natural gas plants and pipelines. ‘This type of event could happen at any one of these other sites,’ says Tim O’Connor. As for Brockovich’s claim, he tells Quartz it’s an apples-and-oranges thing—but this ‘a very big orange.’” (Newser, 12/29/15)
  • Quartz: “The slow-motion disaster is reminiscent of BP’s efforts to seal a ruptured well that toppled the company’s enormous Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and killed 11 workers in 2010. It took the company many attempts over nearly three months to control the oil gusher as the public helplessly watched footage of a dark plume spreading through the Gulf of Mexico. Erin Brockovich, the consumer advocate played by Julia Roberts in the movie with the same name, has called the Aliso Canyon leak the worst environmental catastrophe since the BP oil spill.” (Quartz, 12/28/15)

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