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Work Comp

Erin has been receiving more and more contact lately from individuals with Work Comp issues. Workers’ compensation is a system that exists in all states to protect workers who become hurt on the job or contract an illness as a result of their job. Fundamentally, the system works like this: when a worker becomes injured, rather than sue their employer, they can file a claim for compensation.

Workmen’s comp is a no fault system that allows injured or sick employees to receive certain benefits (which normally includes medical care, payment of a certain percentage of a worker’s wages, and, in many cases, the continuation of certain benefits) while not suing their employer (though, in some instances, an employer can still be sued, though generally this involves extreme negligence).

Erin has been surprised to find that many people don’t even realize if their specific issue is a Work Comp case or not.

Erin and her team are presently helping many workers who have suffered an injury in the workplace.

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