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Stericycle Utah

In May 2013, the Utah Division of Air Quality issued a violation notice against Stericycle for record-keeping violations and excess emissions, including higher-than-permitted releases of cancer-causing dioxins. Near-by houses are consumed by the plume, particularly those homes built on the Stericycle’s property line. “There’s an elementary school just up the street, for crying out loud,” said Erin Brockovich’s Environmental Investigator, Bob Bowcock. “I wouldn’t let the dog pound move next door,” he added. “This company is a notorious polluter in multiple states.” “We will help the community with their investigation and help the regulators stay on task, and we will investigate any pattern of wrongdoing at the facility,” If you or your family have been impacted or you are a concerned resident, get in contact and stay up to date with our investigation.

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