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Erin has received many hundreds of enquiries from women who have suffered because of Lupron. The side effects for some women have been devastating, not to mention that those side effects have also significantly impacted upon their life and the lives of their loved ones.

Since 1999, the FDA has received adverse drug reports about Lupron from in excess of 4,000 women and approximately, 3,000 men. According to the FDA, in 325 of those cases, hospitilization was necessary and 25 women died, directly related to Lupron use.

The original manufacturer of Lupron, Takeda-Abbott Pharmaceuticals (TAP) Pharmaceuticals, states that their drug’s side effects are temporary and should last no longer than six months after stopping the medication.

If you have suffered because of Lupron, please share your story on Erin’s dedicated Lupron campaign website. It is here

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