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If you are in Australia and have suffered at no fault of your own

Erin and Shine Lawyers can help

Erin Brockovich working with Shine Lawyers

Erin’s influence as a consumer advocate isn’t limited to the United States. She has an international following with connections that help her stay well-informed and on top of legislative change and innovation worldwide.

In Australia Erin works closely with compensation experts Shine Lawyers. As part of her role as ambassador for the firm she provides guidance and support on a number of legal issues close to her heart. She has helped by raising awareness and giving a voice to many people over the years who have experienced hardship. She has been involved in some of the largest class actions in Australia including against Alcoa, Depuy to name a few. Through her sheer determination and passion, Erin continues her strong bond with Shine Lawyers and has helped many Australians to right wrong and get the outcome they need in order to rebuild their lives.

“Shine Lawyers are the only Australian lawyers I work with and trust.”

Erin Brockovich

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